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Web hosting in Iceland -

This is a very long post. So, grab your cup of coffee and sit back tight or simply click here to download this post as an eBook in any format of your choice in order to read when you can.


©2016 Kum Eric Tso
Published by Saint Ket Publishers

All rights reserved.
This is protected under International Copyright Law. No Part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanized, photocopy, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the author in writing.

My name is Kum Eric Tso. I’m the CEO of BORN TO REIGN GROUP and the founding president of Voice of Dominion Ministries Int’l. I run quite a number of successful blogs online including I wrote this eBook to denounce certain unethical activities in the web hosting industry and to help those who are just stepping out into the web building adventure to tread cautiously. 

You agree with me that most online businesses are not always what they claim to be…
This is exactly true with almost all the web hosting services. Most online users, who step into web hosting without the right information, end up learning the wrong way. This eBook is written to help you avoid falling into some of the dirty tricks played by web hosting companies.

But if you’ve already been out there, then, you must have had your own fill of disappointment, delays, technical malfunctions, blacklisting, falsified services, spam, hacking and what have you?

Most hosting service providers tend to lull internet newbies or ‘dummies’, that is to say those who are new in the web hosting business into signing up with them through enticing promises that never exist. They will raise your hopes with all kinds of beautiful offers to get your money only to leave you at the middle of the sea, probably when you have gone too far with them and can’t turn back. Some of them run sophisticated ads and promotional programs that would seduce any newbie into falling into their fantasized services.

Note that I’m talking about professionals here and not amateurs in the fraud machinery or some naught case out there. I’m talking of carefully organized companies that have been out there for so long or may just be stepping out and are ready to do anything to keep up with the fierce competition. Understand that some of these companies put up huge investments and so will do anything to stay in business. The mad tussle for customers is ferocious.

Some of my co-bloggers, partners, friends, readers and clients have often called or sent us emails to either complain or request help or advice regarding the problems they encounter with their hosting service provider. This may be your ordeal right now. That’s why I thought this eBook will help many avoid the empty but sweet talk of these service providers that only leads their customers into regrets and loss after loss.

Over the years, I have equally had very grumpy experiences with some of the so-called web hosting service providers. As a blogger and as the CEO of BORN TO REIGN GROUP, I have had several losses and setbacks in some of my investments as a result of the poor and often times spammy services of hosting service providers. We have had to discontinue payments to certain web hosting service providers, delete certain sites and start from scratch, migrate from one service provider to another.

There is no decision as serious as choosing the right web hosting service provider when it comes to running your blog, online business or organization online. I have used web hosting service providers like Wix, Yolasite, Simplesite, Host Gator, Godaddy, Namecheap and  and would share some of the eye-opening experiences I had with them here.

I’ll show you the top 7 dirty truths you must know about web hosting service providers alongside proposed solutions and some exceptional cases. I’ll provide truly honest, verifiable and factual information without advertising any service provider or bad-mouthing any. I’ll simply present the bitter truth the way it is in order to help many victims out there!

Almost all web hosting providers use the ‘Money Back Guarantee’ clause as a marketing strategy. This way, customers feel they don’t have anything to lose and so sign up with them. The dirty truth is that only 1 out of every 1000 dissatisfied customers are likely to get their money back. More to that, once you are not satisfied  with the product or service, they make the process to get your money back so difficult to the point that you would certainly give up mid way and simply not fulfill the money back guarantee criterion.

Another problem is that 95% of online users are never patient to read the policies and terms involved in the transaction, hence they don’t know exactly what and when to engage the ‘Money Back’ dispute. Others are simply careless, ignorant or less concerned about the ‘Money Back Guarantee’ clause.

Make sure you read and understand the ‘Money Back Guarantee’ clause before signing up with any service provider. In the case of any doubts, do not pay with your credit card, bank account or other traditional methods. I strictly recommend that you pay through Paypal! Paypal is one of the oldest, most secure and trusted payment Gateways for any online transaction. In case you don’t have a paypal account, just go to and create your account in just minutes. It’s pretty simple and free!

Paypal policies and terms of use make provision for Money Back Disputes. The money you pay to the web hosting company is actually retained for about 30 to 60 days by Paypal before payment into your service provider’s account to ensure that you are satisfied with the purchased product or service and not a victim of some spam.

Paypal is actually your online lawyer in such transactions. Paypal helps millions every year to recover their money from spammy transactions. Unfortunately, most of the service providers are aware of this truth and so they do not simply receive payments through Paypal. So make sure you service provider receives money through Paypal and in case of any problem, simply log into your Paypal account and issue your complaint.


There are a few exceptions such as old reputable hosting companies like Orangewebsite. However, many customers attest that the most reliable one is Namecheap. Namecheap actually provides clear details on the Money Back Dispute process in their blog and this is pretty simple. More to that, they receive payment through every possible method including Paypal. No wonder they remain the #1 domain name registrar online.
Visit to know more.

By pricing spams, I mean hidden costs, hidden setup fees and some other underground costs that are charged when you sign up. Most hosting service providers only present part of the prices of the services they promise, only to come up with several other costs through upgrading, set up charges, and so on. The worst of them do this without informing the customer. Others simply intentionally provide a sub-standard product or service in order to lull you to upgrade and pay additional fees.

Domain name providers are pretty notorious for having intro pricing… then raising the price on you to make money ongoing.
For example, Godaddy actually makes you register your domain name for $1.99 for the first year or less and later charge $14.99/year as opposed to honest service providers like which offers $10.29/year with free WhoisGuard services for all domains. So, many who fall into Godaddy’s trick end up being penny wise and pound foolish in the long run.

Other service providers simply have a system that automatically checks or auto-select additional services such as anti-spam protection, online security, WHOisGuard services etc before checkout during the sign up process. This is very true with Host Gator. By the time you enter the coupon code (which is another trick because you pay less with the coupon code now in order to pay either double or triple in the future), some pre-checked services that you had unchecked are automatically checked.

Some big names will give you up to 60% discount when signing up and later on charge you high for the rest of the years or months. They even pressure you by saying that the discount offer is limited.

Avoid paying for more than three months in advance for a service you don’t trust so you don’t get caught in this trap. You can always start with a one month recurring payment plan. In this way, if you get disappointed, you can back out easily. This was actually what I did with Simplesite.

On the other hand, it’s always better to pay up front in order to save up some money through genuine discounts that can run for up to 3 years. Orangewebsite offers really great deals for their customers. I guess that’s why they feature in almost every geuine review online.

We are currently using Orangewebsite to host some of our major sites and the experience is just phenomenal. The admins are having such a great time and great results to show for it.
Always verify every detail in the sign up process before checking out. Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket by purchasing your domain and hosting platform from the same service provider. Always register your domain with a reliable company elsewhere so that in case of any problem with your web host, your domain remains save.

Personally, I will never advice anyone to register his domain elsewhere order than Namecheap. They are simply #1 and for now, there is no #2 on my list. (NB: I only recommend services that we have personally used and can put our reputation on the line for. Transparency is a crucial value in BORN TO REIGN GROUP).
The best way of judging apples to apples is to look at their 1 year renewal pricing for .com domain names and hosting services before signing up or making a purchase.

There are some few exceptions in terms of honesty in pricing. Many bloggers and major online business owners attest that  is the most trustworthy. It is a hosting company you can rely on and they deliver the service their customers expect.

Unlike most hosting providers, they won’t spam your mailbox with endless marketing emails. You will receive emails just a few times a year and only in case it is something important. You will be charged only the prices that are shown on their website. They don’t have any hidden costs or setup fees. In case you decide to upgrade your service, they don't charge extra for it. You will only pay the difference between your existing service and the service to which you wish to upgrade.
To view their hosting service details click here to go to

Now, don’t get me wrong. may have a great pricing policy for web hosting but the cheapest domain name issuer, however, remains They remain #1 in this area. You can check out reviews from reputable web hosting sites to see for yourself.

Web hosting in Iceland -

Most of the big web hosting service providers on the market claim to have technical support team available around the clock. This has somewhat become an industry standard for any reputable hosting company to have. What does 24/7 support mean exactly? Does it always mean you will get support anytime of the day instantly? Nope! And here are a few examples to be aware of:

a. Only level-1 support available around the clock
This is probably the most common issue with 24/7 support. Some hosting companies claim that they have technical support available outside of office hours and even on holidays. What they don’t tell you is that this covers only level-1 support.  In many cases level-1 staff has very limited knowledge about handling issues. Their capability may be sufficient for assisting you with setting up an email account or pointing your domain to new name servers. However with more complex issues, such as website being down or hacked, the issue would be instantly escalated to a queue for higher levels of support.

Therefore in most cases level-1 is more like a virtual secretary who answers your ticket to let you know that the message has been forwarded to a technician, who will be responding to the matter “as soon as possible”. Worst case scenario you would have to wait for an answer for days, especially if it is holiday season or on weekends. This can be nerve-breaking when you need the issue to be addressed immediately.

b. Outsourced 24/7 technical support
Outsourcing technical support can be an attractive option for a hosting company to save money and resources. Instead of recruiting and training their own in-house staff who would be on full payroll, many hosting providers take a shortcut and hire outside help. Sometimes if they get lucky they can get a capable team to help their clients but often outsourced help desks lack the quality of service.

The reason why an outsourced support team is never the same as an in-house one is mostly because of communication problems between the owners and support teams. Many times the outsourced support team is located in a different country. This may cause a language barrier and misunderstandings. The owners would never know for sure if the team is always there to perform their duty. The outsourced support team is not only working for one company. They are simultaneously working on multiple different help desks. It is also impossible for the owners to know the credentials of an outsourced technician. Many times they don’t even know their real names. Trusting your data in hands of someone nobody knows seems a bit risky.

c. Understaffed help desk
This is a common problem with bigger service providers. While they have 24/7 support team on duty, they don’t have enough staff to handle the ticket load fast enough. You might have to sometimes wait for hours between responses from the technician. This may lead to days in resolution time. A client of ours told his experience with a previous host of his when his website suddenly went offline:
“First I had to wait in a queue of live chat for 1 hour and 45 minutes to even talk to a technician. Once he confirmed the issue, the support ticket was created and escalated to Level-2 admin who responded next day by email without resolving the issue. All this time my website was down and I was forced to move my site elsewhere!”
It is a valid point to argue whether it is reasonable to call a support “24/7 support” if a customer has to wait for hours or days to even get a response.

d. No 24/7 support in reality
In the online world, it is difficult to know whether the hosting provider is honest about telling the level of support they provide. I have heard quite a few cases about companies claiming to have 24/7/365 support, but when all hell breaks loose, nobody is there answering your support tickets. This can be really disappointing from the client’s perspective.

So what can you do to avoid unpleasant surprises?
This all may sound really frustrating when you are looking for a hosting provider that you could really trust. You can never know for sure before trying but there are a few things you can certainly do to improve your chances of finding the best web host for you.
1. Contact the sales support before signing up to confirm if they also have Level-2 and Level-3 coverage 24/7. In case they do, is it free of charge outside of the office hours? You may also try to ask whether they have an in-house or outsourced support team.
2. See how long it takes to get a reply from a sales representative. It is understandable that with more complex system quotes it may take some time to compose the reply. However if the sales agent takes hours or days to answer to your simple questions regarding the service, you can expect the same from the technical support.

3. Pay attention to communication skills of the support agent. If they fail to answer your questions, don’t understand you at all or in case the reply contains numerous errors, you might be dealing with an incompetent, outsourced customer support agent.
4. Try contacting the technical support on inconvenient hours, in example during holidays or in the middle of the night. If you get swift replies at all times, you can be sure the company in fact has 24/7 support. In case you have to wait for answers for hours or even days, move forward to your next potential hosting service option.
5. Read customer reviews on reputable web hosting review web sites. It is a really good indicator to read testimonials of existing customers of the hosting provider. Google is your best friend when looking for unbiased customer reviews of your potential web host candidate.

Orangewebsite holds an Award for their quality customer support and no other service provider out there can equal Orangewebsite when it comes to Customer Support. If you are tired of looking further, I strongly recommend that you sign-up with their web hosting services.

From my personal experience with them, I can assure you that you will be satisfied with the level of support they provide. Their in-house support team has been awarded as one of the best support teams on market. They provide real 24/7/365 support with unlimited level-3 coverage and guaranteed response time within minutes.

This is probably what has fooled many to sign up with the oldest names in the web hosting business. Most hosting providers try to trap you with so-called “unlimited hosting” plans. The simple truth is that such things simply do not exist in reality. This is just a business strategy. In addition to that, you don’t really need unlimited hosting since a big company like ours is comfortable with a limited hosting plan with several sites out there.

Don’t sign up with any web service provider based on this age-long lie. Look out for other services, not this one. I personally got disappointed with Host Gator when I found this out.

There is no web hosting service provider that provides Unlimited hosting plans. However, a few of them like Orangewebsite and are honest enough to tell you the truth.

#5: Freedom of Speech, Anonymous and Private Web Hosting

You may have read occasionally in the news about large customer databases being compromised and how people’s personal information was stolen by hackers. I use to receive calls and emails from spammers on daily basis when I was working with some of the unreliable web hosting service providers. Many are the times when spammers have attempted to access my email account.

With the demand for anonymous and private web hosting services on the rise, many web hosting service providers make fake promises in order to get more customers. Another promise is that you will have freedom of speech in the type of content you publish on your website. Most of these promises are nothing but lies.

The sad truth is that most of the so-called web hosting services especially reseller accounts face the same security threats as you. Millions of emails are harvested every year by the bad guys including those of web hosting service providers. This makes it an even more severe issue you must consider seriously before signing up with any service provider.
Can you imagine your web host going offline for some days because of one reason or the order? This can be very frustrating for your blog, business or organization. No one would want to experience this.

Read reviews from reputable web hosting sites on such services.
Also find out how your potential service provider has been providing or intends to provide the Freedom of Speech, Anonymous and Private Web Hosting services.

The lone exception that offers all three services is Orangewebsite.
They take the need to protect your privacy seriously. With them, you don’t have to worry about such things as hacked or compromised accounts. First of all, they only ask you to provide your email address to use their services, so there won’t be much information for any prospective hacker to steal. After all, they don’t need to know much about you to be able to provide you a satisfactory service.

They also invest significantly into the security of their systems. To the best of my knowledge, they never reveal any information regarding their clients to a third party, including domestic or foreign governments.

Above all, they protect Your Freedom of Speech. They do a great job to ensure that you won’t be censored or harassed by someone who doesn’t agree with you. They keep your website up and running as long as there is no violation of their Terms of Service or the Icelandic laws.

You are free to publish any content so long as it is not ethno-centric in a discriminatory manner since this is condemned by the Icelandic laws.

The clash for new customers among web hosting service providers is so ferocious that they will stop at nothing to outsmart their competitors. With every business going online in this .com generation, more web hosting service businesses are being established every day. The market is becoming tighter and the competition tougher. It’s like the clash of the titans!

Many of the so-called big names out there run carefully falsified or camouflaged advertisements. It is common for them to approach reputable bloggers or websites and offer money in order for them to promote their products by either publishing posts or reviews in their favor. Some simply sponsor a series of websites to promote their content by presenting them as the best. Well, I have personally turned down such offers and of course this didn’t go down well with the service provider.

Most of the reviews you read on the internet about web hosting service providers are often very far from the truth. They are simply carefully calculated paid Ads or an attempt by a blogger to pull extra cash through affiliate marketing by driving sales to a certain web hosting service provider.

Read reviews from reputable web hosting sites on such services. Also see real reviews from customers themselves.

There are actually a couple of exceptions to this but the one I can personally single out here is Orangewebsite. They feature in almost all the most trusted reviews online and their customers generally leave positive reviews about their services. They are actually new though their quality services have earned them a great reputation already.

Orangewebsite actually offers a full range of hosting packages as well as Award Winning 24/7/365 support via phone, email, and LiveChat. They now offer a variety of packages and products including Shared, Business, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud Hosting and more. Along with this, packages come with Site Building Tools, Templates, and Shopping Cart Software for E-Commerce. They are also experts when it comes to assisting with migrating existing websites from other hosts for new customers at no charge. Orangewebsite is actually taking over.

To see these services yourself, click here:  Orangewebsite's web hosting services.

Lastly, many are exposed to what I call ‘Ghost web hosting service providers’.
The first category of ‘Ghost web hosting service providers’ are professional spammers who clone reputable web hosting service sites. For example, they may create a .net or .org of a reputable .com web hosting site and copy everything on the site to make it look exactly like the original.

They mostly offer free or cheap hosting services in order to get their victims to sign up. Once you sign up with them, they harvest your email address, credit card information etc and the next thing you know is that your online accounts are compromised and all your money is gone.
The sad truth is that before their victims realize what is going on, they take down the site. So, they get away with this pretty easily.

The second category of ‘Ghost web hosting service providers’ are those who take advantage of newbies and web hosting dummies by promising heaven and earth when they actually offer sub-standard services.
Their customers keep moving from one problem to another such as battling with regularly being blacklisted; having to deal with uncustomizable themes, plugins, unreliable Cpanel features and so on.

Always check the logo, URL or web address of the website before doing any transaction with them. You can equally follow links from material written by reputable authors such as eBooks, posts, articles or reputable websites like A typical example will be to follow the links here.

Always pay with Paypal. In this way your credit card is secured and you can always start a dispute through Paypal to get back your money.
You should also consider tightening up your email account security by activating the two-step authentication process.

There are dozens of reputable website out there. Most of the major web hosting services unlike reseller accounts offer reliable services.

I trust that the information shared here will save many from making irreversible mistakes in choosing a web hosting service provider and equally provide remedial measures to help others maximize the benefits of quality of web hosting for their online business.

You can read my review of the Top 5 Website Hosting Services For Successful Online Businesses And Blogs In 2016 on and more helping tools available to help you succeed in making the money you deserve. To always get the latest updates, job offers, business opportunities, success keys, money making tricks from, subscribe to our Newsletter. The good news is that our content is 100% free.

In case you need any advise on web hosting, website building, SEO, monetization, online promotion or marketing your online business, digital product or software online like eBooks or you just want to run a successful blog, get the book How to Establish a Successful Online Business or Blog in 5 Steps from any retailer of your choice.

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This and other books by Kum Eric Tso are also available at eBook retailers everywhere.



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Click here to view hosting plan.


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